Vuoto Siderale by Nazo, Luigi di Nunzio, Blob

Limited Edition LP Vinyl

Conceived, studied and created by the three artists with very different backgrounds and characteristics, “Vuoto Siderale“ was composed during a year of sessions and aims to showcase the styles and musical choices of each individual.

Nazo, a well-known producer of electronic music, Luigi Di Nunzio, an eclectic jazz saxophonist and Blob, co-founder and sound engineer of Voolcano Harmonix immersed themselves in the studio creating a concept album of 6 tracks that spaces from progressive electronic to classic urban music, taking similar concepts and developing ideas by combining the unpredictability of the jazz saxophone.

The final touch is the meticulous care of the sound engineering and post-production that gives a cinematographic touch. Time, space and matter are transformed into sidereal emptiness and confuse the listener until clear visions of distant and unknown worlds appear.

Vuoto Siderale